The Octopi are fed up with hand me down junk thrown into the Ocean.

These boneless creatures have had a taste for the high life and want more.
The clever cephalopods have found a way to tap into the undersea cables and doodle themselves into the Blockchain.

Our fate is certain unless you grab these suckers and don't let go.

Octodoodles is a family-created NFT collection of 1000 beautiful, fun, and artful "doodles" on the Polygon(Moving to Ethereum on v2 release) Blockchain. Inspired by a child's love of the ocean and drawings of octopuses, the Octodoodles are randomly generated from 182 traits.

The Artists Trust is our primary mission and focus for this collection of Octodoodles. We realise how difficult it is to get a step-up in the world as an artist and that, unfortunately, the arts have become bit of a second rate citizen. This has been the case for many years but has become even more compounded during recent times.

The Artists Trust will serve to help,

  • Artists who are mothers and raising children while trying to maintain a successful art career.
  • Upcoming artists who are struggling to get a foot in the door.
  • Artists in Third-World countries who might not have access to various media.
  • Artists who have suffered as a result of lock downs.
  • Artists who have suffered as a result of brick and mortar galleries closing down.

In addition we also want to give back and help drive the art community by,

  • Finding diamonds in the rough.
  • Hosting annual art competitions with a great prize.
  • Incubating, funding and mentoring up and coming artists.
  • Helping peoples passions and dreams to come alive.

To make this possible, we'll be taking 5% of all secondary sales of which 2.5% will be put into an Artist's Trust wallet.

As a Octodoodle holder, you have special access to an area on our Discord server where you can contribute to how the trust is used with the above aims.

We have a sweet giveaway when we reach 5000 followers across all Social platforms. It's going to be a surprise but donut worry, we'll be sprinkling some more details soon. Stay tuned to Social Media.

The pre-sale launches on the 7th November at 19:00 UTC. The first 2000 tokens will be available at 0.04 ETH. There won't be a whitelist and it will be first come first serve so get in early.

As soon as the first 2000 tokens have been minted, the pre-sale will automatically move to the public sale. Tokens can be minted on the website at 0.06 ETH.

This is a cause close to our hearts and we really want to help save the oceans and seas. 20 ETH will be donated to Sea Shepherd UK as soon as the sale completes.

We've got some cool ideas like 3D printed Octodoodles and the rest will be discussed with our community on Discord so we can give you what you want.

Applications will be open to the public. We'll also be nominating, along with our members, artists and ideas.

Once we reach 20 ETH (up for discussion) in the artists trust account from secondary sales we will select, by votes from our members, nominees or applications who will receive the award.

After a successful sale, we'd like to work with other artists to bring you new and amazing collections. Members will be kept up to date and have first dibs on any new collaborations.

This is our 24 days of doodles where over the festive season we will be giving away an Octodoodle a day for 24 days. Owning an Octodoodle is an entry into the competition so the more you own the better your chances.

We're excited to be working on a new collection. This will be completely different to Octodoodles but with the same amount of fun. There will definitely be some tie-in with this collection (probably and AirDrop) and we'll give more details closer to the time.

DoodleDo is our ambitious venture to take over the world after our ludicrously successful Octodoodle collection. DoodleDo is a platform for artists to launch there own NFT collections without the need for engineering or marketing. Just pure art! Of course, we'll be taking a cut and Octodoodle members will receive a share as well. More info to follow.

The mastermind behind the Octodoodles.
Cake for breakfast
Feeling hungry
The artist and the flare.
Long hot baths
Dull pencils
The Kraken
Engineering and pack mule.
Calamari and Bots